The Ghettos Are Always Blue

To say that Democrats are killing us, would not start too many arguments. People are feeling the effects first hand and know well what I mean when I say it. But… If I say they are doing it on purpose, people get their noses all out of joint. No one wants to presume malice and it is impossible to prove, so, though I believe their destructive ways are intentional, I don’t press that point of view too hard or too often. It ought to be enough for us to know that, Democrats in power, is counter productive to a sound economy. Sadly, it is not obvious enough .

Please bear in mind as you read that I am not talking about your Democrat relatives or neighbors. I am talking about the political Democrats. The Party movers and shakers. The Machine of Democrat political power. The people behind Democrat political philosophy… A philosophy that systematically creates and maintains Ghettos as a power base. Let’s have a look at the mechanics of what I am talking about.

Wherever you find a ghetto in America you will also find entrenched Democrat political structure, and a languishing population convinced that only Democrats care about them. They vote Democrat generation after generation and though their circumstances gradually worsen or at best remain the same, they never see the connection. Eventually anyone who can leave, does so,  because of high taxation, high crime rates and the worsening living conditions. Those that remain do so because they are trapped in poverty and dependance on aid and handouts from government programs… catch this now… Programs that are threatened by Republicans and protected by Democrats. When the deceit cycle is complete, no Republican can win more than twenty five percent of the vote count in any election. It is said to be a “Solid Democrat District.” In more than one Borough of Philadelphia, Mitt Romney did not win a single vote. That is remarkable proof that this system works.

When cities, congressional districts, counties, and even states become “Solidly Democrat” there will be high taxes, high unemployment, high crime rates, gang activity, high drop out rates from under performing schools, high teen pregnancy, drug addiction, prostitution and political corruption. I offer Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles as examples.

I am increasingly convinced that The Current Administration and the Democrat hierarchy, are trying to create Ghetto like conditions in America, on national scale, by destroying the economy, creating millions of new dependents, out of the people that have suddenly become “Needy.” They will  then, begin claiming Republicans want to take away their benefits. The spending, tax increases, regulatory abuses, corruption and blatant disregard for the constitution and the rule of law are the building blocks of The Ghetto Voting District. As far as I know, no ghetto has ever been turned back around to become a safe, productive neighborhood again. Once the change takes place it is always permanent, and Democrats know this.

I know it is less stressful for us to believe that none of this is intentional, but that is not wise; it is not prudent, and that would not be true. I have reached the place in life where I think it is time to view Political Democrats in honest light, if not for what they are, then at least for what they cause. They are, I believe, an “Enemy Domestic”. They do not love America as we do. They only seek the power to rule over it, and those who crave power, should never be trusted with it.

It is far easier to control the needy than the self sufficient, and since “Central Control” is their ultimate purpose they will use their current power to make America Needy, then Dependent and ultimately… Solidly Democrat! That will make us all equal. Equally Miserable, I should say!  … A very Un American Ideal!

Jerry Holter


2 thoughts on “The Ghettos Are Always Blue

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  2. tandybelt says:

    I am always the first to like your blog entries. This is one of the best you have ever written. Grammatically perfect, too as far as I can tell. Kudos!

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